3 Outdated Technologies Still Widely Used Today

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07 28th, 2013

As we all know, technology seems to improve on a daily basis. Although technology seems to update regularly, there are plenty of things that have become outdated but are still useful.

Here are three outdated technologies that are still widely used today:

VCRs: although a lot of people have upgraded to DVDs players and even better, VCRs are still being used today. A lot parents are the ones that still use VCRs simply because they have so many VHS tapes for their children. Making the switch to a DVD player and all DVDs can be expensive.

Floppy disks: floppy Read the rest of this entry »

07 27th, 2013

If you have ever wondered what your dog was thinking or trying to alert you to, there is hope in the future that one day, dogs will be able to communicate with humans. Through research being conducted with the FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations) project at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a device is being develop that may in fact, one day allow dogs to relay crucial information to their owners or handlers.

At this time this technology is being geared Read the rest of this entry »

5 Technologies That Changed the World

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07 24th, 2013

1. Social Media Networks
Social media networking is one of the most powerful tools ever invented. On the one hand, it allows millions of people to connect throughout the entire world. On the other hand, it allows businesses to spread their news unlike ever before in history.

2. The Internet
Without the Internet, we would be a very different civilization. Think about all the things you do that depend on the Internet, and you will soon realize Read the rest of this entry »

07 23rd, 2013

For the past twenty years, the country and rest of the world has been thrust into the technological age. Today, technological advancement is developed in many different places. One place where this occurs is in public universities located all over the country. Public universities have helped to advance the technological world a number if different ways.

The first way that public universities have helped to advance the technological age is by encouraging use of technology. In class rooms all over the country, teachers use laptops, tablet computers, and other tech gadgets to deliver their presentations.Want more? Read the rest of this entry »

How Intellectual Property Law is Stifling Technology

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07 22nd, 2013

In general, intelectual property law protects things that people come up with in their mind, even if they have not taken any steps to make those things a reality. For example, you could think up a concept for a brand new type of security camera. You might tell someone about it to try to get them to help you design it. If that person declines to work with you and then builds the camera himself, saying it was his idea, you could sue Read the rest of this entry »