Are Qualified Programmers Engineers?

In this high-tech society, being computer programmers can be one of the highest paying jobs available and computer geeks are in high demand, especially for programming. However, being a qualified programmers engineer is not a easy job as it seems to be.

Stop Calling Yourselves Engineers

When it comes to skyscrapers and bridges and power plants and elevators and the like, engineering has been, and will continue to be, managed partly by professional standards, and partly by regulation around the expertise and duties of engineers. Technology industry needs to leverage the legacy of engineering in order to make their products and services appear to engender trust, competence, and service in the public interest. But the attempts to turn software development into a legitimate engineering practice have failed.

The title “engineer” is cheapened by the tech industry. You will never become rich or successful because you happen to know how to code. Unless you’re one of the best programmers in the world, or you’ll never really strike it big. Recent years have seen prominent failures in software. Those problems caused by software are just the most urgent and most memorable. Today, computer systems pose individual and communal dangers that we would never accept in more concrete structures like bridges and skyscrapers.

Computing has become infrastructure, but it does not work like infrastructure.iOS 9 update reportedly “bricked” certain phones, making them unusable is a good example. In this high-tech society, being a computer programmer can be one of the highest paying jobs available and computer geeks are in high demand, especially for programming.

A low barrier-to-entry job

People always believe that programmers are nothing but modern day mechanics. They are wrong and I have to say that programmers getting paid lots of money for doing something that they enjoy, so how could they be like one of those mechanics that just changed oil in cars? They have absolutely nothing in common with a mechanic at a body shop down the street. Programmers are a special breed of persistent problem-solvers who are addicted to the small victories that come along a long path of trial and error. Programming is very rewarding, but it can also be a frustrating and solitary experience.

Unluckily, nowadays it makes sense. Coding is now a mass-market phenomenon. Programming is available that anyone can be a programmer and it is now less of a science which requires a much productive and imaginative mind. Because lots of new tools that simplified building an app by the order of magnitude have been created, programming is something that one can learn via a book and apply the next day.

Guys that lived on pizza and noodles while coding for—what seemed like—entire weeks straight without sleeping may be just ordinary people.“Engineer” conjures the image of the hard-hat-topped designer-builder, carefully crafting tomorrow. However, Tech industry is really not interested in a word, engineer. It is common to use the bare term “engineer” to call technical workers Silicon Valley technology scene. To some extent, anyone who isn’t doing a job like sale, marketing, or design can be called an engineer. Engineer could mean anything from Javascript programmers to roboticists and that is why this word is nonsense. However, I need to say Professionals like salespeople and artists are mostly engaged with their emotional side, unlike the computer programmer. And the harder the job forces you to think logically, the harder it is to switch to having fun and loosening up.  That explains why heavy problem solvers and analytical thinkers are usually not comfortable in social environments such as parties, bars and clubs: their emotional side of the brain is not as developed as their logical side.

Instead of a select people who are gifted with an engineering mind, there are lots of boot camps and classes for pretty much anyone and their mom that guarantee that you’ll build a “complex” app in an hour or so. And it’s not even a hyperbole. It is even no surprising if you can build a Facebook clone in an hour or two or much less.

A poor long-term career

Programming is one of the most versatile skills on the market in this age. But I have to say to be a really good programmer is difficult and writing computer programs is important and takes great intelligence and skill. However, the hardest part of making real a collective vision of a software project is dealing with one’s coworkers and customers. Also programming is mostly a young man’s game.

It’s not surprising that software companies love to hire people straight out of college. They send their best recruiters to the top-tier universities to pimp their companies to prospective employees. You’ll also find that many programmers begin to question the meaning of life once they get closer to 30 or even older. Being a programmers engineer is kind of like an athlete but without all the money and fame.

It’s a dirty secret in Silicon Valley that most companies only hire young whippersnappers. Once you hit the age of 30 when get a serious about your life, your output will decrease compared to some new kid out of college. You’ll no longer be able to stay up at the office before a new release since you have someone waiting for you at home. There will be pressure for you to move to a higher “management” position or change career paths.


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